sumFibs(75024) Test is failing rest are passing

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The following test is failing:
sumFibs(75024) should return 60696.
and I don’t understand why. It is saving the number in the Fibonacci sequence: 135721

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function sumFibs(num){
    let ans = 0;
    let first = 0; 
    let second= 1;
    let result = 1;
    while  (result <= num ){
      ans = first + second;
      first = second;
      second = ans;
      if (ans % 2 !== 0){
      result = result + ans
    return result

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you are going one past the loop and giving the answer for 75025, because of this condition

      if (ans % 2 !== 0){
      result = result + ans
      console.log(ans, result)

Compare ans with result in your if statement, since your upper loop condition does not terminate when ans > 75024 it returns the next answer, you need to figure out how to alter the condition to accommodate both 75025 and 75024. Hint: It is a simple one liner, to modify the expression of your condition in the above snippet.