Survery Form Optimisation

Hi Everyone :smiley:

Hope you are all having a good evening. I am coming up to my final project on the Responsive Web Design Certificate. So I thought before I start the final project I will go back and remake my projects with everything I have learnt so far. Aswell as learning to use github to remake all of them to one make me more employable but to also learn git at the same time.

So starting on my survey form I have completed a basic template ready for further styling and adaptive to all screen sizes. I was just wondering if someone could go over my code I feel like I have over complicated it with all the grid and flex properties. I have achieved what I wanted but I dont think its as optimal as it could be. Or am I just being too hard on myself?


Any tips would be much apprecited! <3

It’s a lovely survey. Just one question - why does the survey scroll within itself instead of taking up the entire page?

Thank you very much!


My goal was to have the survey with the footer included take up the full vh of the page but the only way I managed to make it accessible to all screen sizes was to have the scroll within the form. Otherwise the wrapping and scale diddnt work out on different layouts only the desktop screen sizes.

I actually completely messed up my code trying to fix it and am so happy I started using git and GitHub so I could load a previous version and not have to remember which code I changed, but I just couldn’t get it to work

Hey! Your from is looking good. I suggest you to work on footer text alignment on media screen.

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Ooops yes haha thank you very much!!

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