Hi, I had self-practiced on building a web survey for a bit, and I was wondering how to make my submit button direct to the thank you page. (already created, wasn’t sure if it’s the right place to ask)

Keep taking FCC courses then you will learn how to do it. But to spill the beans for you, You need a <form>element with actions to send your data to wherever you designate to.

This is a good read.

oooh this is a good read. thanks :smiley:

When I placed the “required” to the radio buttons, and tested the website (I think, “locally”? trying out on my own, yeah), the submit button just basically refreshed itself. (already created the next page, not shown here)

Would perhaps, the php /http part be necessary then?

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to redirect a user to a different page when submit button is hit?

Apparently now I feel so dumb in realizing this mistake of mine :woman_facepalming:

using (a href) to redirect, blegh. (Now the url is properly placed in form action c:)

thanks a lot for helping out though :smiley: