Survey Form - Build a Survey Form (questions)

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This isn’t particularly about my code, but I was wondering if I can look at the previous challenges or look online if I feel like I am stuck somewhere in the process of completing the project?

Also, I see in the instructions objective it says Build an app that is functionally similar to Outside of functionality and what is specified in the steps, do I have free creative control over what it looks like and what is put into the survey form?

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Challenge: Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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You can create any survey form you prefer so long as it meets the user stories.

You can definitely review any reference site you need to.

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There are about 16 instructions on the page, each one you pass comes with a correct tick. not passed comes with a wrong tick

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Thank you, I just wanted to be sure before I turned out to be breaking some sort of rule I wasn’t aware of.

Reference sites are definitely allowed. But copying code from someone else is not.

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One last question, I see it says “run the test” and “save your code” which button does what? I don’t want to lose what I have or submit something incomplete.

Save your code ensures you can close the tab or even use a different device or browser and still have the progress so far, else your progress is not saved.

I guess by now, you know the run test, to confirm which of the requirements you pass.

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