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How do I style my radio button in such a way that it appears on the same line and to the left as the quote in question?

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/* file: index.html */
<html lang='en'>
  <meta charset='UTF-8'>
  <title>Feedback Form</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css"/>
    <h1 id='title'>Pizza Steve's Pizza Emporium Survey</h1>
  <p id='founding'>Est. 4/20/69</p>
  <p id='description'>Whatcha think of our pepperoni pizzas, bitches?</p>
<form id='survey-form'>
   <label id='name-label'> What's your Name, sweetie? <input id='name' type='text'  placeholder='They call me Pizza Steve, the king of pepperoni pizza.' required></label>
   <label id='email-label'>Gimme them sweet sweet electronic mail deets.<input id='email' type='email' placeholder='I am 42 baby. Pity HTML will not let me use a contraction.' required></label>
   <label id='number-label'>On a scale of 1 to Betty White, how old are you?<input id='number' type='number' min='13' max='120' placeholder='RIP Betty' required> </label>
<label class='favorite pizza'>What's your favorite type of pizza?
 <select id='dropdown'>
<option value="">(Pick your pizza poison)</option>
<option value='1'>Cheese. Ya boring mate.</option>
<option value='2'>Pepperoni Pizza. The Immigrant Song of Pizza. Wise choice.</option>
<option value='3'>Meat Lover's. A workhorse of pizzerias everywhere.</option>
<option value='4'>Hawaiian Pizza. You are a man who likes to live dangerously.</option>
<option value='5'>Something else. You pizza pioneer. You go live your best life.</option>
 <fieldset class='terminator'>What is the greatest Ahnuld quote of all time?
  <label><input type='radio' name='Terminator1'> I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.</label>
    <label><input type='radio'>I'll be back.</label>
      <label><input type='radio' > If it bleeds, we can kill it.</label> 
       <label><input type='radio'>Dillon! You sonuvabitch!*manliest handshake ever ensues*</label>
      <label><input type='radio'>I lied.
/* file: styles.css */
width: 100%; 
 color: white;
h1, p{
text-align: center ;
 text-align: left;
 padding: 3px;

 display: block;
 width: 50%;
 display: block;
 width: 100%;
 padding-top: 20px;

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Challenge: Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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