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My code is coming not together i don’t understand why ,also i don’t get which texts should be contained in the name-label,email-label, and the number-label…Id appreciate some help please
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<!-- file: index.html -->
<h1 id="title">freeCodeCamp Survey Form</h1>
<p id="description">Thank you for taking time to help us improve the plattform</p>Name
<form id="survey-form"><input id="name" required type="text"></input> <input id="email" required type="email"></input><input id="number" type="number" min="13" max="120"></form>
<label id="name-label"><label id="email-label" ><label id="number-label"></label>

/* file: styles.css */

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Challenge: Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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Your labels are not linked to anything and have no content for a screen reader to read out.

The label tag needs a closing tag.
The input tag is self closing and only needs an opening tag.

labels use a for attribute to link them to the input they are for.

(this is an example not the answer)
The radio button bellow will be selected when the words ‘Test Radio Label’ are clicked on.

<input type="radio" id="test">
<label for="test">Test Radio Label</label>

Here is a link with a code example of labels along with more information about why they are used.
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