Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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I cant figure out what mistake I made please help me solve it… It seems to be in creating radio button. It shows-“Every radio button group should have at least 2 radio buttons.” please help me to solve it

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<!-- file: index.html -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
    <h1 id="title">freeCodeCamp Survey Form</h1>
    <p id="description">Thank you for taking the time to help us improve the platform</p>
    <form id="survey-form">
      <label id="name-label">Name
        <input id="name" type="text" required placeholder="Enter your Name" />
      <label id="email-label">
        <input id="email" type="email" required/ placeholder="Enter your Email">
      <label id="number-label">
        <input id="number" type="number" min="1" max="120" placeholder="Enter your Age"/></label> 
      <select id="dropdown">
        <option>Select your role</option>
        <option>Full Time Job</option>
        <option>Full Time Lancer</option>
        <option>Prefer not to say</option>
      <label><input type="radio" value="Definitely" name="Definitely"/> Definitely<label>
      <label><input type="radio"value="Maybe"/ name="Maybe"> Maybe</label>
      <label><input type="radio" value="Notsure" name="Notsure"/> Notsure<label>
      <input type="checkbox" value="frontend" >
      <input type="checkbox" value="back-end" >
      <input type="checkbox" value="videos" >
      <input id="submit" type="submit">
/* file: styles.css */

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Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

Hi there! The group of radio buttons must have the same name (the value of the name attribute) to be recognized as a group

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