Survey Form - Error 8,9,10,11

<h1 id="title">Demo Survey Form</h1>

  <p id="description">A Simple Survey Form</p>
  *Name: <input autofocus="" type="text" name="name" class="textarea" placeholder="Enter your name" required="" id="name">

  *Email: <input type="email" placeholder="Enter Your Email" class="textarea" id="email" required pattern="[a-z0-9._%+-]+@[a-z0-9.-]+\.[a-z]{2,3}$">


Select SuperHero: Batman IronMan Superman Thor Wonder Woman

Select One: Batman Iron Man Superman
Favourite Team: Avengers
Justice League

Enter Your Comments:

<button id="submit">Submit</button>

To solve Errors 8,9,10,11 the following actions should be taken

  1. Error 8: Be sure to add an input with type="number", it will automatically check whether the user entered a number.

  2. Error 9: Inside your number input, be sure to use the attributes min="" and max="" to set a range of numbers that should be respected. For example, if you want the user to rate your survey from 1 to 10; set the minimum number to 1 and maximum number 10.

  3. Error 10: Be sure to add a label for each input, the label should describe the input. If your input wants the user to enter the email address, the label should be an invitation to the user to enter the email address.

  4. Error 11: Be sure to use the attribute placeholder="" that contains an instruction for user to either enter an email address, a number, a name in each input.