Survey form feedback from you guyz would be nice

hey guyz give me some feedback on my survey form project
here is the link survey form

Good job Ted. It looks well.

Looks good. Better than mine.

thanks guyz i apprecite your feedback alot

It looks good on a large screen but you should try to make it responsive since the content doesn’t fit in a cellphone screen.

ive seen when i resize the browser window on the computer its responsive but on a phone its not. maybe i should use media queris

You have a typo in that “proffession” should be “profession”. I would also reword the checkbox choice “Simply not possible” as it doesn’t match the phrasing of the other choices. I’d put the text area to a different line, too, perhaps with a break tag after “suggestion:” and expand the size of that text area to match the width of the rest of the text.

Yours looks much nicer than mine(, though. I decided I was spending so much time dickering about making my challenges pretty and instead am now designing something to just fulfill the requirements and then going back later to prettify. I figure a before and after might be nice in my portfolio.

Thanks for your input @FuzzyPumpkin . CSS can be hard i hope to improve on my mistakes in future, I’ll correct them once i get better. Do the projects the best you can and dont be afraid to refer to other materials when you get stuck.

Looks great! Adding some margin and padding will make it look better too imo.