Survey Form: h1 element not responding to CSS

Everything else responds except my h1 element at the top with id=“title”. Seems very straight forward so it’s a head scratcher. Appreciate your time and help, thank you :slight_smile:

link to project:

You don’t need tags for CSS in codepen. If you remove that, the styles should apply!

Also, try running “Analyze HTML”, there are a couple errors in your HTML, including duplicated IDs, spelling error on one of your label tag and a few missing close tags.

Nice project btw!

Thank you so much for your help! I wasn’t sure what you meant by “tags” but I think you meant the “#” symbol? I just tried removing that and also removing the id altogether (have to keep it to satisfy the challenge though) and neither had any effect. Did I misunderstand? Also, thank you for the extra help with the rest of my code :slight_smile:

Oh sorry! I meant style tags. I typed it with brackets but I think this forum takes out words with brackets lol. If you remove the style tags, it should work with your initial ID!

It worked, thanks so much!

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