Survey Form - Kitesurfing survey

Hey y’all back looking for some feedback I tried laying out the page a different way this time: without testing in mind, I’ll go back and make sure it all passes, besides that: any opinions, suggestions, critique, concerns, better ways of doing something, etc… Thanks in advance.

Nice design! I would,

create labels for each radio/checkbox input boxes so that I can also select them when I click on their texts.
It’s good that you have paddings in your textarea but it feels too much. Try shrinking that padding a bit.


Tnx man! Ah! great idea on the labels … fixed!

Only thing is that I can’t figure out the padding on the text area as well as my placeholder text isn’t showing up, must be inheriting the padding from somewhere I can’t figure out where from, any idea? I’ve tried commenting out my entire CSS file and the padding still there. :confused:

Tnx again for the feedback.

YW :slight_smile:
You can do something like this for a quick fix.

  #textComment {
    padding:0 !important;

Hey @shimphillip tnx for the help although the padding !important didn’t work, messing with I discovered what was throwing the textarea off -in case anyone is running into the same issue here are my findings:

I discovered or noticed from looking at other code samples that as I had it: splitting the textarea tag into 2 lines:

<textarea id="textComment" name="comment" maxlength="400" wrap="hard" placeholder="Enter your comment here">

I guess it was creating white space which was giving the appearance of padding and which it all makes sense now why my placeholder wasn’t showing up either, instead of

<textarea id="textComment" name="comment" maxlength="400" wrap="hard" placeholder="Enter your comment here"></textarea>