Survey form margin issue - Project

Hi, my .container class is only accepting changes for margin-left and I do not understand why. I have tried the short hand method as well as trying to change each side’s margin individuallly but to no avail.
What am I missing or doing wrong. I’ve checked my code and I can’t see any errors which maybe causing any problems.

Here is the link:

Hi @Radzi ,

Could you please clearly explain for which selector you are trying to add the margin or what exactly are you trying to achieve.

I could see a huge margin on container class which is making the content of the page go beyond the screen width.

@Radzi, instead of width try using max-width
When you do that and inspect using dev-tools you can see your margins move as you define them.

Hi, so basically the margin numbers you saw there were me playing around trying to see what happens.

The selector I want to make changes for is the first div selector with the class named, container. this is because I want to make my form as well as h1 tag and description become narrower since its as wide as the page of fullscreen view on my laptop. I want it to occupy a 100% of the width while on smaller viewports like mobile but only 60-70% of the width on desktop or laptop.

Alright thanks, I’ll try that.

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