Survey Form - need help with background-image

My background image is not covering the entire screen. I did specify the position, sizing, and repeat properties, but it is still being cut off at the end of the page.
I would appreciate your help and overall feedback on the project. Thanks!

A couple of things you may want to revisit @natallia.prymost .

To see how you have your body element set try adding the following;
border: solid 1px red;
You have a property: value; pair in your body declaration that’s causing an issue.

Also, did you want to have an html declaration or did you mean to use a universal? Either way I’m not sure that you want to use a height property there.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Roma, thanks so much for your reply. It all worked. I removed the height property from my body selector. Also completely removed the html selector and its property:value pairs.
Would you be able to explain why I shouldn’t have used the html selector or the height property in the body though? I tried all of it after googling a bunch, but nothing seemed to work.
Here is the updated link:

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