Survey Form ; Please give me any helpful feedback

Any feedback to improving my code and design would be much appreciated

I can’t speak to design choices, but I can share my interpretation of the assignment.

My first form

Hope that helps,

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@jaga991, I’ve moved this to a more appropriate forum.

One thing, verify your email addr with codepen so people can see your projects full view

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Page and form looks good.You can give more styling to form elements like submit button , drop down etc.

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Understood thanks for info

Wow , that is really nice I love the color blend
thanks for sharing!

Hey thanks for the feedback, btw do you think the page is responsive enough, I’ve seen many examples using media query but I felt it quite unnecessary since using % and em seems sufficient. Do I have the right idea or am I missing something

I am not completely sure about that .I think overall page is looking fine but some form elements shrinks as width decreases.

Sharing my assignment link