Survey form: positioning problem and background pic quality

I am struggling with positioning my form and also spacing my form.
I tried right alignment for the text in the form and I centered the form but when I but a border in only covers the labels of the form. my background is also blurred when I made the background size to cover with no repeats.


Can you please post your code (or a link to it).
Please look at it and help me see where I am going wrong

There is no easy fix for the positioning, it is part of the challenge. But I would not suggest using absolute positioning, so try and rethink your approach.

You can look at the form example project code and see if you can learn something from it. I made a simple form example page that shows some flexbox and CSS Grid without too much else going on. Maybe you can look at it as well and see if you can glean something from it.

As for the image. The image just isn’t big enough to be able to cover the background without having to scale up so much that it gets blurry or pixelated.