Survey Form project - columns

Hi there. I was about to finish my survey form project, but got stuck with dividing it into columns which appeared to be tricky. I tried to use a container, but it didn’t quite work - for some reason, it was still on the same side and forms were written in line instead of a column. Finally, I thought that the text itself (like *Name:, *Email: etc) should be in one column and the forms (like enter your name) in another. I started experimenting in another document just for columns and used “flex-grid” - that was the only thing that helped to at least create two columns. It looked like this,css,output . But as you can see, the text doesn’t fit the form. How to make it fit it? Did I not use it correctly? Or maybe I should use something else instead?
The actual working file looks like this now,css,output

I know my question is quite silly and it must be very simple, but I just didn’t want to simply copy a piece of someone else’s code or the code of the example, I wanted to come up with something on my own and understand, but I spent 3 days on these damn columns and feel almost hopeless :frowning:

The last link you gave doesn’t have any CSS, you have HTML in the CSS box. Can you link to your current progress on the project again.