Survey form project help please

Hey everyone I need some feedback please on my check box’s I have backtracked numerous times what am I doing wrong??? here is the pen tia

The code below does not make sense syntax wise. Look at your name attributes and value attributes.
When you have attributes like name and value, it should be like this:
You can’t have the attribute element surrounded by quotes. You coded it correctly on your other form.

After fixing the code below, (name and value attributes) I was able to pass all the tests.

<br><label for="listen to music"><input id="listen to music" type="checkbox" name "value="listen to music">Listen to music</label></br>
              <br><label for="play with family pet"><input id ="play with family pet"type="checkbox" name "value="play with family pet">Play with family pet</label>
              </br> <br><label for="outdoor activity"><input id="outdoor activity
  "type="checkbox" "name="value">Outdoor activity</label></br>
              <br><label for="Get a snack "><input id="Get a snack"type="checkbox" name="value">Get a snack</label></br><br> Please select your place of coding power!!</br>

you have an opening body tag but not a closing tag. you can actually remove it, you don’t need body tags in codepen, they are included in background

if you use Analyze HTML you get a few things you need to fix:

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