Survey Form Project - Tips on responsiveness?

I’m having a really hard time understanding responsiveness. I wanted to center the texts and inputs when the screen was a certain width or smaller, however anything I tried wouldn’t center the inputs correctly, it would center at the start of the input instead.
If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’ve been looking for hours already…
Any other feedback also welcome, just trying to get better! XD

No two webpages are the same, so i’m am not going to write a complete 100% guide like most would do. No one wants to read super long boring paragraphs and forum posts, so here is some good tools you can use that speak for them self.


Very simple to use.


You can align items, flex them into columns and rows, choose how things wrap, etc.

Media query’s


You can change the width of for say, #entireform to 90 - 100% by checking what the max-width is. You can this for various different screen sizes, etc.

use relative widths for the height of containers so went the content shifts the page can auto adjust.


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List of helpful websites for web design (and inspiration) -->

OMG. I feel kind of stupid right now, haha.
Thanks so much for the info! It’s making sense to me now! :smiley:

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If you have any questions, ask. I am happy to review projects, i spend most of my FCC time their.