Survey Form project


I just completed the survey form project and while I met the criteria and completed it, it was lacking in formatting and looked extremely basic with many elements unlabeled. Is this normal? Should I have put more effort into designing the page? I know it wasn’t required to complete the project but I don’t want to feel like I’m falling behind on things I should be learning either.


You have been making great progress!

I think, the first project is a bit rough because we are new to the coding process.

Honestly, I have completed all 5 projects, but keep going back and either changing them completely, or making updates to them, as I learn more.

It helps me to see the improvements because I know I am grasping the process (at least a little more).

Do not feel bad if it is not all polished. You can always improve it as you get into more styling and things.

You are doing great! Keep up with the positive progress. :slight_smile:

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