Survey Form Querry

I cannot see my 5th question; the radio buttons below are its options.

Please, quickly reply, someone.

You wrote the 5th question in your div tag. See line 24.

div class="form-group">Would you recommend freeCodeCamp to others?

Check your code as a whole. There are several tags missing that need to appear as a pair.

It’s not visible even after I added “p” tag. I am confused, I don’t know where the problem is.

You didn’t close the select element, you are missing the end tag </select>.

You should validate your HTML. Click the down arrow on the top right of the code box and select Analyze HTML. Or use another validation service.

How should I adjust the size of the input fields, submit button, and the form so that they look not too much wider.?

Please reply someone…

You can set a max-width.

BTW, you are not allowed to submit a project that is copying the code from the example project. You need to create your own version using your own code.

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