Survey form task

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Hi guys i donot know what am i missing on this task but here is my code so far

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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run the tests, click on the number of passing tests, look at the failed ones, and try to fix them. below the failed user story there are often details of what’s wrong, look there too (first two lines of the block of code below the failed user story)

(if you solve an issue with an user story but the score stay the same check if the error message has changed)

if you get stuck ask again

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Hi, I looked into your code. I would like to suggest you to go through the Form exercise in the HTML basics so that you can work on it very well. For example : using a input tag wrongly in your code. So going through the form elements make you perfect .

thank you mate i went through again yesteday and i must say it helps a lot to repeat things

your link is taking me to a 404 message.