Survey Form Validation Error

Anyone else struggle with this? I am trying not to lean on the example to much but this one really stumped me for a bit. How did you guys end up solving it? Got it working but I for the life of me couldn’t find enough stuff searching around to piece it all together on my own. Tutorials didn’t take us that in depth if I am not mistake?

We probably should add a challenge showing the use of build-in validation for inputs (the type attribute).

But if you searched, which fCC does ask that you do, i.e. the Read-Search-Ask method, for HTML5 validation you would get some pretty good information on what is needed. And you can always ask for help on the forum as well.

An update to the test to be more explicit might also be nice.

Example of current message:

Email field should be HTML5 validated : expected 'text' to equal 'email'

A more explicit message might be something like this:

Email field should be HTML5 validated, missing type attribute value : expected 'text' to equal 'email'

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Yea a little more specificity would totally help. I am trying to literally not reference the examples code unless I have rattled my brain for more than 6 hours on an issue. I a complete noob to all of this so still learning how it all works. I was able to get an idea from the error(starting to learn how to uses those effectively) and addressed some things, then google helped me out and W3s school.

Felt like I was shooting in the dark just curious if anyone else had a similar experience. I guess you probably feel like that to some degree until you get really familiar with coding and what is needed in different instances. Much like the more times you have to put some kind of store bought thing together the easier it gets but first time the instructions don’t even help lol.

not really, as I was following the error messages. If you put in the wrong type it says for example expected <wrong type> to be email, and I went forward like that

once you learn to read the error messages, it is like your crystal ball

Yea I am starting to learn that, I was leaning on it pretty reguarly yesterday and took my survey page form 8 things accounted for to 13.

So what was your general approach for this project? Just come up with a plan/idea, lay it out, and the begin coding? I mean how realistic is it of me an absolute noob, geologist 0 experience here, to expect myself to be able to do these projects without looking at the code in the example projects at all? I am really wanted to do a good job with all of this and not just skim by with minimal understanding.

don’t look at the code in the examples
you can totally do it
and don’t even try to do most of it from memory, find a documentation website (ex., returns to the challenges, google stuff…

like for a research paper, find sources, extract the necessary, put it in your work

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Will do, thanks for the advice. I am still trying to get in the grove with some of the stuff, the survey form just seemed to whoop me a tad bit but the tribute page wasn’t bad at all. I’m learning from some online classes too that I think will help me be a little more efficient as well. That site is gold thanks for that!