Survey Form - would love to improve it a bit more

I’ve finished my survey form and submitted it:

But, one of the styling elements is really annoying me. I cannot figure out how to make the input field (for name, email, age, etc.) bigger. I have googled the heck out of it and started studying other form code to see where/how to change this. Can anyone see where in my code I’m making these input boxes so teeny tiny?


Hey, @teacupwoozy, set the width property of the input fields to some bigger value manually to make them bigger.

Great form!

You didn’t do it, that’s the default browser styling of the fields. You can use CSS to change how all the form elements (inputs, textareas, radio buttons and checkboxes, select) look. Just google around or search on codepen for styled form elements.

I think I had just been staring at it too long yesterday. I realized this morning that I hadn’t added the input-field class to the css. Dur. All fixed now :smile: