Survey: name grouping radio input

Just wondering where I am going wrong? The radio buttons have a name, but the unit testing is telling me I didn’t group them by name. Can’t really find a solution to this one so I figured I would ask.

Also, I guess, any other feedback?

If that link doesn’t work:

Even though there is no requirement specified, it seems the one test you are failing is expecting your use the value attribute and assign at least two characters to it.

FYI - Even though the FCC tests are not testing for it, you currently are not using the label for attribute correctly. The for attribute’s value should refer to an id, so you would need to give each input element a unique id which you would use as the for attribute’s value. For example:

<div class="inputs">
  <label for="not"><input id="not" type="radio" name="radio-sad" value="value1">Not-at-All</label>
  <label for="mey"><input id="meh" type="radio" name="radio-sad" value="value2">Meh</label>
  <label for="very"><input id="very" type="radio" name="radio-sad" value="value3">Very</label> 

Thanks for the testing help!

I had a hunch I didn’t understand the point of the labels. It was something I was seeing in other survey’s so thanks for the clarification.