Survey project styling help

Hello, I’m having some trouble styling my survey page the way I want. I’ve already got it to satisfy all the test requirements though. Here’s the link

I want spacing such that the questions and their answer fields are close together, but the next question is visually separate from the field above it. I assigned each of the questions (some of them are label elements, some are paragraph elements) a class of “question” and then gave them padding in the CSS. That worked for the paragraph elements, and I can get the spacing closer to where I want it for the others, but only if I change the label elements of the first three questions to paragraph elements and the test requires that they be label elements.

Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Hi @wkay42, maybe review this lesson again. Between it and a Google search I think you’ll find a better way of setting things up that doesn’t require a lot of styling to get the effect you’re looking for.