Svg and canvas practice

Anyone know where I can learn more about svg and canvas outside of w3schools? I’ve been trying to use what I saw at w3schools in codepen and haven’t made any progress.

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Hey there,

MDN is a great ressource:

Thanks man, I’ll look into these resources

I hope you are more interested in SVGs and how you can do animations with it… basically the art of designing great User interface… follow this guy on youtube and tell me the feedeback

happy Coding!!

The main reason why I am researching svg’s is because I think I need it to use on one of my side projects (Project: Flowchart). Everything outside of that is just an extra bonus that I can use in my other projects in the future.

I have seen that guy’s videos before, and he does some good work. I liked his video on creating a dark theme with css Full Dark Mode with only 1 CSS PROPERTY?!, but it seems like that most of his videos are just sponsor videos, and I don’t really like that.

Thank you for your recommendations and feedback

sweetheart… you can skip ads by at first going to the end of the video then starting over… mostly no ad will come… its just one of my tricks. Goodluck and happy coding!!!

That wasn’t quite what I meant by sponsor videos, but that is a great tip none the less. What I meant was that he himself talks about products that companies pay him to talk about. Sometimes it feels like a 20 something minute infomercial that we chose to watch so we could hopefully get 1 or 2 pointers on a problem that we are having.

hahaha it hurts men… Such happens to me too … ok have a nice time.