SVG going behind other elements?

Hey guys, bit of a weird issue here, but I am trying to have an SVG be absolutely positioned on the page, but any time I try to bring it down with a directional property, it goes behind my navbar element like so:

I know Z-index won’t work as it is absolutely positioned, and I have tried lowering the Z-index on the nav and the rest of the page. What in tarnation is going on here?

It’s impossible to tell anything from an image. We need to see the code. A live site would be best.

Not sure what you mean here, an element has to be positioned for z-index to work.

Z-index won’t work on absolute positioning is what I mean. I am trying to get it to be in the bottom left hand corner of the ‘Projects’ section.

I’m also seeing now that the SVG won’t show up on Safari. lol of course

Set Projects to position: relative so the sun is positioned in relation to it.

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Ahh geez, thanks a lot.

EDIT: Will I never not make newbie and basic mistakes? Probably never!

No problem,

BTW, z-index does work on absolutely positioned elements, it works with any position other than static.

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Thanks a ton!! You’re seriously the best.