SyntaxError: invalid syntax of 2nd day in my Python programming life

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I’m just trying to make a simple Program to calculate one angle of triangle.I don’t understand my guilt :frowning:
Please try to help me :tired_face:

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One angle = input("Please type amount of 1st angle and Press Enter: ")
Two angle = input("Please type amount of 2nd angle and again Press Enter: ")
One angle = int(One angle)
Two angle = int(Two angle)
Result = One angle - Two angle
Constant = int(180)
print("3rd angle will be = ",Constant - Result)
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I’m not a Python guy, but I can see the problem.

A variable name can’t be two words like “One angle”. A quick search finds:

Officially, variable names in Python can be any length and can consist of uppercase and lowercase letters ( A-Z , a-z ), digits ( 0-9 ), and the underscore character ( _ ). An additional restriction is that, although a variable name can contain digits, the first character of a variable name cannot be a digit.

So, you cannot have spaces. Instead, try something like:

one_angle = input("Please type amount of 1st angle and Press Enter: ")

Or you could call it “angle_one” or “angle1”. It just has to be one word and obey the rules. Your code reads a variable (“One”) and then sees another one (“angle”) and doesn’t know why you have two variables in a row.

When I make that change to those two variables and do it all over the code, it works in a Python engine.

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Thank you so much.I’m new & really grateful to you :heart: