Table row change based on data

Dear friends this is a part of may table code, its working, BUT now I would like it to change the whole row color if the status is different I mean if the “status” is “busy” - red if the “status” is “available” - green

class is from bootstrap -

class=“bg-success”> - green
class=“bg-warning”> - red

        <td><?php echo $row->name;?></td>
        <td><?php echo $row->status;?></td>

Will You help, please…


so I will update myself :slight_smile: Now I have it working

 <tr <?php if($row->status === "busy"): ?> class=“bg-warning” <?php endif; ?>>
        <td><?php echo $row->name;?></td>
        <td ><?php echo $row->status;?></td>