Table width fill the screen

i have a point of sale POS app and i create receipts and invoices. receipts for a receipt printer, invoices for a A4 paper format. The TicketTotals (quantity, discription, price,…) come with a placeholder in the html document. ##TicketTotals## In the general settings can i give the text for the ##TicketTotals## a value between 1 and 6. The text hight should be 6 becaus otherwise i’m not able to read the text on the receipt. But when i do this the text is to big for the invoice. So now finally the invoice has 2 tables. Table 1 on top (1 row , 2 columns with left my shop adress and right the customer information) and Table 2 in the middle of the page with the ##TicketTotals##. Because the text is to big, Table2 should be zoomed out at 200%. But when i do this i can only see the left part of the Tables. The right part of the Table dissapeares from my paper. When i make Table1 at 200% it’s the same. Can some professional tell me what to do? With a few words i have anough information. Witch CSS should i write? thanks.

hello and welcome to fcc forum :slight_smile:

can you share some “working” demo of it in any “sandbox” type environment? or at least some code snippet that explains your attempted code for it, then perhaps it will get much easier for people to offer help!! happy coding :slight_smile:

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