Tailwind mobile responsive

I’m using tailwind to style the page but what i discover is that when the toggle menu is click which the mobile menulist shows up… the underground items still shows up…any better solution on how to make the underpage items not to show up in the menu mobile page

We have to see your code to help.

I don’t know what that means.

Are you saying something is on top of the menu? You may have to set a positive z-index value on the menu element.

what actually happened was that i set an hamburger menu for the mobile responsive which i styled it to be absolute over the home or any other pages content if clicked but i discovered that it shows some of the underpage if clicked as showed the picture provided…did you get my message now?

Thats a useState page which show undercontent

Did you try using z-index it should be all you need.

If you need more help please post the code or the live site.


z-index works perfectly…thank you so much. really appreciate

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