Take a look at my tic tac toe project

Hi everyone, please leave me few words what you think about it. What should be improved. thanks in advanced.

project link - http://codepen.io/r00bal/full/MpQrKz/

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Awesome I am in love with the UI. This is an inspiration for me as this is what I will start working on from tomorrow. One thing I would like to inform is that after choosing the destiny and clicking on desired location it takes at least 3 - 4 seconds before the X or O appears, after first mark everything works as intended.

Could you please share any links you used that helped you to work with SVG?

Hi there. Thank your for the feedback, I will work on this bug : ) If you are asking about some helpful svg resources here’s some link you might be intrested in:

I would also recommend you tuts on pluralsight and treehouse - they have very cool explained topics like working with svg in illustrator, optimazing svg etc… and what is very cool they provide a 10 days free trial.

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