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Hi everyone,

Would anyone know if there is a restriction on what changes can be made to a project after it has been submitted? I ask because I submitted the completed Tech doc project project yesterday (I had only done minimal styling, just wanted to get the html right first) and today when I try to apply further styling, I can’t see the changes (just trying to changes font, colors etc. a the moment).

Sorry if the answer is obvious(!)

Hello @coderostro !

I do not think there is any limit!

I have completely changed my projects out after they have been submitted and received the credit for them.

I have done this with all but my technical project But that is not because there is a limit on how many changes could be made. It was my most challenging one. I am still working on getting it changed up to my satisfaction.

One thing you may wish to do is use the following code verification tool to help know if there are any errors within you code.

Ready to check - Nu Html Checker
The other is before resubmittinng it, save the code as you make the changes, make sure it is to your liking and it still passes the requirements.

I admire you for continuing to make changes as you go. This is how we build the skills stronger.

Between you and me, my Tribute Page has changed about 5 times, I think, completely. The first few times, I (mistakenly) deleted my account and my progress so I could make the changes. Then, I realized that was not necessary,

Keep up the great progress @coderostro !

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great. thanks for all the info - that really helps. I have another big problem now though - have spent most of the day trying to figure out why when I try to launch html in Visual Studio Code, it says that the page is ‘online, but can’t connect’ (message from the trouble shooter).

I have tried every solution suggested on the internet and have lost the whole day doing this. I don’t understand it either as I used it the other day and had no problem.

I should probably make a separate post on this…

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Hello @coderostro !

Glad to have answered your question about updating projects.

As for the issue with Visual Studio Code, you may wish to post that on either the Support subforum or the General subforum, where more experienced people can assist you.

I hope it is working soon for you, and you are able to continue on your coding journey!

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Thanks for your suggestion and all the help!

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You are very welcome! Happy coding!

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