Tech events may be key for Orlando firms to find fresh talent

Finding top talent is a challenge for large companies, especially in the technology field. Here’s where you can find help in your hunt for talent.

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Seems like the article is behind a pay wall.

On a side note. I am near Orlando and am available :wink:

"Finding top talent is a challenge for large companies…"

What this means (translation), is that employers cannot find employees who are willing to work for peanuts. They’re looking for wage slaves and those they can get for the lowest pay possible, while crying poverty of themselves. Remember, they make MILLIONS/BILLIONS of dollars every quarter/year. They can AFFORD to pay you decent wages, but refuse to do so if they can get away with it.

Don’t ever, ever settle for good enough salary. By accepting the lowest pay you may drive down labor cost for the employer, but that does NOT benefit the employee (you) at all.

Whenever you see these types of stories with similar wording, THINK about how much these companies make, research their SEC filings, look at profit statements and news stories of “record profits” and remember that they aren’t paying employees squat, or made those margins by cutting pay and benefits.

Not really. If company A refuses to pay the price your skills command it cedes a competitive advantage to the first Company B that is willing to pay that price.

A million dollars may sound like a huge amount but it only pays for about 5 - 7 six figure employees, or two dozen entry level ones.

As for ranting against profit, keep in mind that profit is the reason employers go to the expense of hiring you.

it’s “profits” at the expense of employees … that was the rant … it is the truth … this has been researched to death, even printed in “reputable” media; WSJ, Inc, NYT, PBS, CNN and a dozen other outlets all have ran stories about this MYTH.

“Millions upon millions unemployed. Yet employers’ are having problems finding the right talent?” translation- talent willing to work for slave wages and slave hours.

critical reading skills are a must in todays job market … one must learn to read between the lines.

Indeed. A critical thinker might consider whether it follows from X number of workers are available that those workers are therefore capable to provide service or labor Y

I’ll leave it at that. I think this thread was intended for a different sort of conversation.

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