Technical Doc Project Done! - Feedback please

Hey everyone,

I just finished the technical doc exercise and would love any feedback. Two bugs I know of but I’m having troubles fixing are:

  1. On mobile the menu doesn’t stick to the top like it does on a small desktop browser
  2. On mobile the ‘pre’ text overflows it’s background

Let me know what you think! Thanks

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Hey waltmurray,

First congrats on finishing this exercise !

The first bug is due to the pre element that is overflowing on the page, as it’s overflowing it uses the width it needs to display entirely :slight_smile:

You can fix both of your issues with those two lines of CSS:

white-space: pre-wrap;
word-break: break-word;

You’ll have to apply both of them on the pre element :slight_smile:


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Great Job!
I really like want you did with the project.

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Thanks, that fixed the pre issue :slight_smile:. Turns out the mobile issue was actually because of no support for position: sticky. I had to add position: -webkit-sticky for it to work on my iPhone.