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I’ve finally completed my Technical documentation project. It’s taken me about 3 weeks up to this point to complete, working on it on and off together with school.

Web Basics Documentation
Source Code

I decided to experimented with custom elements in this project. I think I created well over 10 custom elements, some of which have definable custom attributes, that work together with javascript. I used them for the code-snippets in the documentation.

With the custom elements, I was able to more easily style the colors of the markup, while keeping my HTML somewhat tidy. A lot of HTML is automatically written by the javascript where ever a custom element is declared.

I created an ot (opening tag) and ct (closing tag tag that automatically add angle brackets to what ever you put between it. I used javascript for that part.

<ot>p<ot>This is some text<ct>p<ct>


<p>This is some text</p>

From there, I went nuts. Experimenting different ways I could use custom elements for my code snippets and the sky was the limit (or rather my javascript abilities). I kind of went into a rabbit whole with the whole process and it became a little messy.

Overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out and hope to get some feedback and your thoughts on it!

Well done. That’s not something I ever thought of doing before. According to documentation, I am fairly sure it is wise to use hyphens in custom element names so that we know they are custom.

They’re perfect for Divs and spans, but remember that semantic HTML can’t be replaced.

Good job.

More on semantic elements

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Thanks for the response @a2937 !
I appreciate the semantic elements docs you provided. Really helpful!