Technical Documentation Feedback :-)

Hi, would love some feedback on my Technical Documentation project, especially code clarity/legibility.

Technical Documentation (

My main goal was to write cleaner html/css than before.
For technical documentation I believe that there should be as little decoration as possible so other than some paddings and margins and the code box, I didn’t change much.

One issue I had is with pre code elements… I found that the only way to get it to format properly on the page was to remove all the indentation in my code… but that makes the code a bit annoying to read. I tried to google for some solutions to this, but couldn’t find much. Any advice?


In the “Declaring Variables” section you put periods as part of the code. At MDN they put code in a sentence and then ended the sentence with a period.

I thought that the nav had to be fixed to pass the Layout #1 test. But yours isn’t and you passed.

Good job overall.

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First off I wanted to say thanks to you and to everyone else who is giving feedback on here - I feel that I learn just as much from the feedback & implementing changes as I do from doing the exercise - with much less time expenditure!

I set the navbar to position: fixed with overflow-y: scroll, and the main content to position:absolute with a margin to offset the navbar (i was using flex to align the navbar and main content relative to each other before).

I also gave the main content a max-width to make it easier to read on large monitors.

Regarding the mistakes in the actual technical documentation (there were a few other ones in addition to what you mentioned): I just copy/pasted it from the sample project, which…maybe…wasn’t the best way to think about technical documentation.

Hello @cehrlich ! I was just browsing through and happen to stumble on your work. I think it’s neat. Nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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