Technical Documentation - looking for smallimprovements

This is the cleanest design/coding I think I’ve done so far and I’m pretty pleased with it - even if the actual design is pretty boring :wink:

I’d like to make one major improvement to this code though, and I’d love some help with it (Google University hasn’t netted any explanations yet). How do I establish a minimum width for the window? I’ve seen some webpages where you can reduce the window size to a certain point and then it “freezes” to that minimum size and doesn’t get any smaller. Is this something that can be easily does in JS or is there a way to do it with CSS?

And, of course, if you see any bugs - let me hear about it! Thanks!

Looks good.

Everyone loves neat, simple and plain design, like this one you did, very good.

It’s responsive, this is really good.

One suggestion I have is about desktop view, the left navigation panel. I think it’s a little wide, could be smaller(less width) so more space for reading panel.

One thing I found in your code, you set min-width for body, please don’t. Because even 300px looks so small, but for browsers with zoomed confs, this value could be applied for larger (e.g. 400px / point) screen, and causes scroll.

In mobile view I also suggest you apply less padding, so more space for content. this will be great.

Also consider browser may apply default margin/padding value for body, (e.g. chrome is 8px), so override this value with 0 to use more space for mobile.


Also same thing about ul, check in mobile view, the top navigation panel, ul tag caused some notable spacing(which is a little too much) after and before ul tag, check:

some space becasue of padding/margin before bottom border, and after “js documentation” title, it’s not cool for mobile especially, please fix. I tried zero for padding and margin, worked for me.

And your question

This is the same thing you did for body, and min-width, I suggest you don’t.

Overall it’s a neat work, I liked it, perfect.

Like to see some improvements, especially about spacing in mobile layout soon.

keep goin on great work, happy programming

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Thanks so much for all of the detailed feedback - I really appreciate it! (that min-width that is in there was a holdover from me trying everything to enable a minimum width threshold. dur.

This is the first project I was able to do that is truly responsive, and once I get this really ship-shape I want to go back and redo the flexbox’ing on my product page (it’s a bit of a nightmare).

Thanks again for the feedback!