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This is what I could do for my project of making a technical documentation page using HTML & CSS. I’d love to have your feedback on how I did.

Did I miss something, or did I do something wrong? As a beginner, I solely rely on what I can see on the screen to decide what I am doing is right or not, but I feel like that’s not it.

I kept my goal simple: to make my page resemble the page shared by freeCodeCamp in the project and I tried my best. The page shared by freeCodeCamp being:

These are the following observations that I made with which I am not happy:

  1. The page and it’s elements are obviously not optimized for multiple screen sizes, might work on it later though. By the time, I managed to do this much, my brain had stopped working.
  2. The navigation is not as accessible. The label element didn’t work for some reason. So, the user has to click on the anchor element itself.
  3. I’m not even sure if the way I arranged the nav bar and main contents side by side is the correct way to do it. It feels more like the entire code is somehow held together by duct-tape.

How can I improve any of these?

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Challenge: Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page

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I’m not sure if I understand this comment completely. You would only use a label element for form input fields. Since your nav menu is just links you would not use labels in it at all.

If you want to be able to click anywhere in the li instead of just on the a then you can use CSS to make the a expand over the entire li.

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Ah sorry, dumb of me. I should have done the project in two sittings, haha. After a certain point of time, my brain kinda stopped working ig. But thanks for pointing that out, at least that’s one problem solved.

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