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Hi team, I have some issues with the exercise 11,13 and 15.
Could you please assist?
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Challenge: Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Howdy! Could you please share your code? Thanks!

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As @Shair requested, could you please share your complete code with us, along with the error message received by you?
You are able to share your code by copying it a pasting it between ``` (before the code and after the last of the code). These back-ticks can be found beside the number 1 key on your keyboard.
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Happy coding! :slight_smile:

Here is my code

<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> 
    <title>Avast Antivirus</title>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
 <main id="main-doc"> 
<section class="main-section" id="How_safe_is_Avast_Antivirus?">
<header>How safe is Avast Antivirus?</header>
<p>Naturally, if you’re looking for good antivirus software, you’re probably quite security conscious. And considering Avast was forced to admit to selling user data last year, it’s reasonable to wonder just how safe Avast actually is.</p>
<p>What did we find out during our Avast research? We had a look at the security features and independent lab test results – and there are some interesting things worth noting.</p>
<ol>What is Avast Malware score?
<li> It scored a 100% malware detection rate during test</li>
<nav id="navbar">
<header>How safe is Avast Antivirus?</header>
  <a class="nav-link" id="security" target="_blank" heref="">How safe is Avast Antivirus?</a>
<section class="main-section" id="Avast_Antivirus_features">
  <header>Avast Antivirus features</header>
  <p>Considering that Avast has a free version available, its pricing strategy is pretty reasonable. You can get all the basic security features for free, which is much more generous than many other free antivirus services.

Yet, the Avast One package is the optimal choice – with webcam, malicious website, and tracking protection, you’re secured from virtually all threats. Not to mention that you also get a VPN which is great for online anonymity and streaming.
  <p>Unsurprisingly, the paid plans are much more feature-loaded. However, it’s very refreshing to see such a generous free version that even includes a firewall. Not to mention that its malware detection rates are as good as with paid plans.</p>
<ol>List of Avast Features
<li>Online management platform</li>
<li>Avast antivirus</li>
<li>Data protection</li>
<nav id="navbar">
<header>Avast Antivirus features</header>
<a class="nav-link"id="plans_and_pricing" target="_blank" heref="">Avast Antivirus features</a>
<section class="main-section" id="Secure_browser">
  <header>Secure browser</header>
<p>Avast’s secure browser takes seconds to download and has a lovely clean interface that’s very similar to Google Chrome. It even has Google open by default. So you can complete searches just as quickly and easily as you would if you were using Chrome.

Here’s what you can expect from Avast packages:

Real-time protection that runs silently in the background to block threats as they appear in an unobtrusive yet effective way. This feature is even available in the free version, which is rare to see.
Complete malware detection that stops you from sharing infected files with other users.
In-depth scans of your entire machine or device that’s designed to root out hidden malware.
External storage scans to check external drives, such as CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, etc. for viruses.
Scheduled scans so it can check for malware while you’re away from your desk.
Security reports that provide you with personalised updates every 30 days.
Real-time security updates and new features which are updated automatically</p>
<p>To put it simply, it prevents PuPs (potentially unwanted programs) and scans secure connections. Such scans are only applied to ingoing or outgoing emails of popular mail management software, such as Mail or Outlook.</p>
<nav id="navbar">
<header>Secure browser</header>
<a class="nav-link"id="secure-browser" target="_blank" heref="">Secure browser</a>
<section class="main-section" id="Avast_firewall">
  <header>Avast firewall</header>
<p>A firewall is an essential part of an antivirus package, and Avast provides both free and paid users with one.

To put it simply – a firewall protects your network from unauthorized intrusions. With Avast, you can block internet access to specific apps yourself.</p>
<p>However, paid users also get more advanced network security. First off, you can enable or disable hiding potentially sensitive information from other network devices. Also, you can be notified about open ports and ARP spoofing attacks.</p>
<nav id="navbar">
  <header>Avast firewall</header>
  <a class="nav-link"id="ease-of-use" target="_blank" heref="">Avast firewall</a>
<section class="main-section"id="Avast_SecureLine_VPN">
  <header>Avast SecureLine VPN</header>
  <p>Getting the Avast One bundle will also give you the Avast SecureLine VPN (which you can also buy separately). Even though it might not be as good as, say, NordVPN, the service is pretty decent, especially when you know that it comes from an antivirus developer.

Free Avast users can also use the VPN, however, it’s limited to 5GB per week, which tends to use up fast, especially if you’re streaming content.</p>
<p>There’s also a feature called a Password leak checker that will tell you whether your email has been compromised. And Additionally, Android users will get the split tunneling feature as well. Avast SecureLine VPN now offers WireGuard protocol for Windows and Android users, which can improve your online experience.</p>
<ol>Avast Business Pricing
  <li>Small Office plan that you can buy for $139.99/year</li>
  <li>The Essential plan costs $36.99/year for 1 user</li>
<nav id="navbar">
  <header>Avast SecureLine VPN</header>
  <a class="nav-link"id="customer-support" target="_blank" heref="">Avast SecureLine VPN</a>



Thanks for sharing your code.

First I would suggest moving your opening html tag to below the !DOCTYPE one.

Next, see your list of headings. Those which are within the body as headers, should have id to match the id link in your nav-link elements.

< nav id=“nav-bar” >
< ul>
< li>< a class=“nav-link” href=“#sapphire_sheen”> Sapphire Sheen< /a>< /li>
< li>< a class=“nav-link” href=“#emerald_gleam”> Emerald Gleam< /a>< /li>
< li>< a class=“nav-link” href=“#diamond_daze”> Diamond Daze< /a>< /li>
< /ul>

This may help understand it better.

As well, there is a need for an @media query. This needs to be entered in your CSS

Here is some help with the @media query too

I hope this helps you reach a pass for this project.

Keep up the great progress! :slight_smile:

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