Technical Documentation Page navbar help

Hey guys, I’m kind of in need of help for my documentation page.
I’m using Bootstrap 3, because honestly I’m just more comfortable using that than the CSS Grid way. I’ve mostly finished the project, I just can’t get the navbar to be fixed. I feel like I’ve tried everything without success so if anyone can help me out with that I’d greatly appreciate it.

It seems to me that you haven’t specified a column size for the side navbar. I think you need to specify the column size before you can do anything.

I’ve already specified the navbar to a col-sm-4 and the body to a col-sm-8, when I try to fix the navbar in place it ends up overlapping anyways. Am I putting the column class in a bad place?

It’s been awhile, but it seems you’ve fixed it? I remember you had declared the column size in a weird spot, but I could be totally wrong.

Hey, thanks for helping me out. I just figured out the problem. I was viewing the page in the editor, so everything was just squished together. I think that’s why everything was overlapping.

Ok. Hope you’ve solved your problem. Wish you luck!