Technical Documentation Page - @omoshx78

Hello Fam, please see my Technical Documentation Page. I’ll appreciate your reviews!

See the Pen Technical Documentation Page by Robbinson Omondi (@omoshx78) on CodePen.


Hey good job it looks good! I would

make boxes clickable rather than only texts on the navbar.
Make your font size bigger.

Cheers :slight_smile:


i love the design :slight_smile:

+1 to what shimphillip said, hover will look pretty good.

One more thing… when i make the window smaller , the text in your code elements overflow. i’m pretty new to coding but i think you should delete the “white-space: pre;” for it to work fine (i checked it a few times, lol).

  1. Make sure you use the correct comment format, this // is not a CSS comment this is /**/ (SCSS does support the // syntax)

  2. Normal CSS does not support nesting, you have a nested media query on the header selector (again SCSS does support nesting).


Wow, thanks so much mate. Let me do something about that and the font as well. Truly appreciate your feedback

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Hi Omri, thank you so much i appreciate the feedback. removed the white space, and worked like charm! thanks!

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Thank you mate truly appreciate for pointing out, let me look into that.

Hi @shimphillip, need your help here my $(window).scroll(function() doesn’t seem to work would you kindly assist look at it? Seems I’m not getting the correct javascript processor. Thanks

Looks like it can’t find Jquery. Try using the Codepen settings button and add Jquery on the JavaScript tab, then remove the script tag on the page for Jquery.

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Ah, man! big thanks… Just like that it back working. :+1::+1:

Great work… Though some little work still demanded on the responsiveness… The nav bar stacks and page width needs to be scrolled back and forth for reading… Otherwise keep it up

Most appreciate will look into that mate

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