Technical Documentation Page review

Hello All,

I hope everyone is having some success with their projects. Just finished my Technical Documentation Page and would like some feedback please.

Here is the link:

Thank you!

Hey, good work. It’s perfectly responsive and also I like how you decorated the code element. Here are my tips:

  • Remove the dots from the nav bar unordered list (list-style: none).
  • Add a little left margin to the nav header.
  • This is of your preference, but you can put multiline code elements if you wrap it inside a <pre> tag, and that way you will avoid using the feared <br> tag

Thanks for the response. I really enjoyed working on this one. I’m going to implement the changes you suggested and see how it turns out. Haven’t been taught about the pre tag yet. I’m going to read up on it and try it out.

Thank again.