Technical Documentation Page using Bootstrap (help!)

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My page has two sections, the first is vertical nav for the index and the second for content. Nav is fixed for comfortable navigation. I want to collapse the nav when it is lower than md position and make a hamburger on top for index. I’m using bootstrap, but I’ve tried everything and can’t see the problem. I’m a newbie to bootstrap :frowning:
Please if anyone can look at my code and give me some advice I will appreciate it.

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I am using mozilla firefox developer edition v.75.0b11 (64-bit)

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Did you look at the docs?

Yes , I did , and also i have been try with flex utilities , but I can’t reverse the two grids, (right-left to top-down) .Actually , I’ve been taking the same bootstrap page as a reference, because that’s what I really want.
Thank you for you response :+1:, I will continue examining Bootstrap.

I don’t really use Bootstrap but I think you have to use the navbar component (navbar not just nav) to get the burger menu. That is why I linked to that component.

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