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Hi! I want to make a question about the difference to use “float” and “margin”. I ask this because, there is a section called “main-doc” and another called “nav-bar”, so I searched for information and I could see that I can use a margin-left in order to push all the “main-doc” section to the left, but what happen if I use a float?, is it possible? I tried to use it here, But I could see the results are not what I expected. May I use a float in this case? It’s just curiosity! and what is the way to use it!

There are multiple ways to handle layout in css.
What you choose will depend on your personal preference and maybe your comfort with the language.
For eg. I personally would not use float and would use a layout manager like grid layout.

But here is some docs to help you use float to learn how to do that float - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

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Thank you very much. That clears up my doubts!

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