Teeny tiny little bug found - commented code is still read when running exercises

This probably hardly ever happens, I mean, I’m on step 197 and this is the first time I’ve tried submitting my solution with commented code. The only reason I did is because the solution included sample data provided in the original exercise, so I left it there commented out in case I did something wrong and had to re-write anything. I noticed I had all the green checks except for two that said, “No if/else statements should be used.” The only if/else statements were commented out!

Probably not a big deal, just thought someone might want to know.

that’s what the “Bug” button under the “Run tests” button is for :slight_smile:

OMG no way, I hit that button and I was in git hub and I have no idea what to do in there.

when you click the Bug button you should see a popup like this:

…in any case, the “Create my GitHub issue” link takes you here: https://github.com/FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp/wiki/Creating-A-New-Github-Issue

…wherein you’re provided instructions to submit an issue.

Yeah, OK, well to be honest I have read the instructions before. I was intimidated by the whole process. It made me question whether or not something like this little issue was worthy of all that, for me or for you guys, does that make any sense?

No worries, there’s already an issue for this problem:

Oh good! Well that answers my concern, then. Next time I won’t be shy!