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Hi, I am trying to do the JavaScript certification. I am currently on the the Telephone Number Validator challenge. After testing my regular expression on, I passed a few of the tests from the challenge and moved the regex over to FreeCodeCamp to run the test.

In my code, I included console.log() for easy debugging to just change the argument of telephoneCheck() and avoid running the tests every time. The problem is that when I run the tests, I get a whole bunch that do not pass. However, when I input those same strings as the function’s argument in the editor, the console prints “true”. Those tests also pass on regex101. Is there a problem with the tests that have been set up for this challenge?

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function telephoneCheck(str) {
const regex = /^1?\s?(\((?=\d{3}\)))?\d{3}((?<=\(\d{3})\)|-)?\s?\d{3}(\s|-)?\d{4}$/gi;
return regex.test(str);

telephoneCheck("1 555 555 5555");
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Challenge: Telephone Number Validator

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If you remove the console.log then you will pass. Or, if you add a second duplicate console.log then you will pass as well. This has to do with your use of the global (g) flag. I’m too tired to explain it all :slight_smile: My question to you, why do you think you need the global flag on this regexp?

Thanks for the reply! Your suggestion worked. I think the global flag copied over from Regex101… :sweat_smile:

Ahh, gotcha. Ya, it appears that regex101 does have that include by default. Not sure if that’s the best idea.

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