Tensorflow - Introduction: Machine Learning Fundamentals

The question under the video on the 1st screen is incorrect. None of the answers are “false” Neural networks are modeled after the biological human brain.

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Tensorflow - Introduction: Machine Learning Fundamentals

The video says the opposite.

Research suggests that neural networks don’t actually replicate the behavior of human brains.

Right, but that is not how the question is worded. The word Neural is based on Neuron from Biology. Neural Networks are computers attempts to reproduce the human brain in theory. Its an idea therefor modeled after the brain. Even Googling neural network the definition states, “A neural network is a method in artificial intelligence that teaches computers to process data in a way that is inspired by the human brain.” The video only discusses the two. It does not exactly state that neural networks are not modeled after the brain.

Ehh, not exactly. NNs are inspired by the dran, but not modeled after the brain.

It does though.

I watched the video again and I was incorrect in that he does state that it is not modeled after the brain because we don’t know enough about the brain. With that said it IS modeled based on what we think about the brain which makes that a TRUE statement

Neural Nets don’t work like the human brain. We created them with inspiration upon how we guess at the brain’s functionality, but it’s not the same.

It’s semantics at this point if inspired or modeled have the same meaning. The whole point of Artificial Intelligence is to achieve “Human Intelligence” with a machine.

Sure, but you don’t need to replicate how the human brain functions to give the appearance of human-like intelligence

I guess the truth lies in between :wink:
I’m not into about current trends in neural networks and maybe it is true, that the comparison doesn’t fit well. (That’s the reason whey I follow this course :wink:
But there are NN-concepts that are fundamentally based on the neurological areas and proportions of the brain, for example self-organising maps/kohonen maps.
Regarding this and your discussion…I would also say that it is (at least) not valid to ask this question as it is!

That’s just not really how neural networks work, they don’t actually replicate how brains work. They are inspired by brains but don’t actually work like brains.

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