Test cases not passing

hey all, I am on the APIs and Microservices Projects - Exercise Tracker and I have completed the project on glitch here is my project URL MY PROJECT I just don’t get it what I am doing wroong. All the test cases except the last two from fcc are passing. I have also made sure that both of them output the same results. the same values are being passed here and there. but for some reasaon I can’t find what i am doing wrong? Can someone help me about this? thanks.

I hope I can help:

  1. “I can retrieve a full exercise log of any user by getting /api/exercise/log with a parameter of userId(_id). App will return the user object with added array log and count (total exercise count).”

When I go to the url /api /exercise /log?4iUYFwh3G, it returns an empty object

  1. If the first one doesn’t work, I doubt if the second one works

Remember that when creating a userId I can add many exercises to the userId, therefore there must be an array of exercises for each user. So going to / api / exercise / log should return an object like so:

users:  [ {user1},  {user2} , {user3}, ...]

And if I go to / api / exercise / log? User1Id, it should return an object like so:

user1 :

user1Id: xxxxxxx,
username: 'xxxxxx'
exercices: [{exercice1}, {exercice2}, ...]

Well, in the demo app. There are no results as well. Well, I thought we have to do something like this. As you can see we have a userId in the app as well. Please let me know if this is wrong…


If you click it’s not returning empty. At all.