Test showing no flexbox ,media query, n i used

What could be a problem, about this project (Product landing page)… showed I haven’t used flexbox and also media query n I used it? Thanks in advance.

Probably going to need to provide us a link to your project so we can see for ourselves.

Hi Holllyyyyyyyy,

could you show us your code? You can copy and paste or send a link and we can have a look at it for you :slight_smile:

https://restaurant-product-landing-page.netlify.app/ here you are thank you very much :))

Hmm, all of the tests are passing for me.

I’ve just seen, now is all good, when I deploy on the internet. Thank you very much.

When running the tests locally you have to serve the page and not just open it in the browser otherwise the two tests (flex and media query) will fail. You can use any local dev server you like or a VS Code extension (e.g. Five server).

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Thank you very much! :))

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